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Patient Testimonials

Another Happy Patient Says ....

June 23rd 2021

".....Andrew went out of his way to explain everything fully and showed what it would look like...Surprisingly painless and interesting to see the digital technology and processes. I am more than satisfied. Excellent service and outcome....." JC

 March 25th 2021

".....The process of explanation was extremely detailed, well-illustrated and phrased in 'lay man' terms. Much better than anticipated throughout the whole procedure particularly with regard to pain management... the fact that I feel as if nothing happened is the best outcome I could wish for...Although only one of your very many patients each one of you made me feel as if I had your undivided care and attention throughout. Thank you all so much!....." 

March 23rd 2021

"...From the 1st consultation to last the standard of service from Andrew and the wider team was "TOP DRAWER"...everything has been done to keep all safe in these extra ordinary times- well done and thank you..Felt included in the whole process. The actual process itself was very well executed and painfree. The experience was so good, already in the process of 2nd Implant... for the first time in about 20 years of problematic teeth, I am looking forward to having no issues..extremely happy.. wish I had found Kelvin Lodge sooner...." PS

February 25th 2021

"... Excellent...Brilliant service..." AL

February 25th 2021

"..... Treatment process well explained. Process itself efficiently and professionally carried out. The process took longer than I had anticipated (i.e over several weeks), but otherwise ultimately rewarding. Very satisfied...."SS

February 24th 2021

"...Explained very clearly with time for asking questions..Andrew has an excellent calm patient manner that engenders confidence.." CB

February 24th 2021

" I was put at ease and everything was fully explained...Appointments were effienciently arranged and treatment was well organised...I am amazed at how natural my new teeth look..The results are outstanding,at the start of my treatment the main aim was to be able to eat and talk without being embarrassed - however the treatment provided has transformed my appearance and restored my confidence - It's amazing to be able to smile with confidence again!.. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Implant Foundation... You are an amazing team..." HD

January 21st 2020

"... Andrew  has been my dentist for more years than he will care to recall! Very simple I trust him..very pleased with the outcome...." MS

January 30th 2020

"....Being a nervous patient Andrew put me at ease straight away. Treatment was explained very well... Really pleased with the outcome shape and colour of my teeth are excellent..A huge thank you to the whole team! brought my smile back! ....AR

November 27th 2019

"...I was referred by my dentist to Dr Greenwood, I am delighted by his expertise and manner. Everything was excellent!....."JG

November 7th 2019

" All scheduled appointments were arranged conveniently. I did call with a minor problem and was seen promptly ...treatment was explained clearly at every visit no pain or discomfort was experienced. Implants were placed without any pain or discomfort. No problems of bleeding or swelling very little discomfort after the procedure... My teeth look perfect now. Fell confident with everything, eating talking and singing. Has definitely improved my quality of life. Thank you Dr Greenwood and team... "GK

October 31st 2019

".. Andrew answered any questions I had and I knew exactly what to expect at each stage of my treatment. The procedure took no more than 40 minutes and was painless.Andrew's expertise is exemplary I would highly recommend him.... Excellent! Andrew and the whole team show such professionalism. Thank you for your care...."JC

October 15th 2019

"...... I was extremely nervous but my fears were unfounded. The whole process was carried out with skill and the minimum of fuss. There was little discomfort and I felt no real pain.I am extremely pleased with the look of my teeth now......" PR

August 28th  2019

"..... I was given a folder with all the information that Andrew had explained to me at the consultation. I was given time to digest the information and ample opportunity to ask any questions. Andrew was very good at explaining the process - good and difficult. His explanations were at an appropriate level to my understanding. The payments were also staged which was very helpful for me. I needed bone grafting for the implants and whilst i was going through the procedure Andrew and his assistant were very good constantly checking if I was ok or if I wanted a break.... I believe the outcome of my treatment has been very successful. ...I would definitely recommend implants and certainly at Kelvin Lodge..".MA 

August 7th 2019

"...Excellent- very efficient...Andrew explained everything in detail and very well...very pleased...." RK

July 1st 2019

"..... Recommended by my current dentist. Everything was well organised. appointment times and duration of appointments well explained and staff very accommodating. Not as I expected - I expected a lot worse prior to treatment, as I had no idea felt totally reassured at all stages and was always given full explanation. Staff always calm and professional. Would definitely do it again if needed. Couldn't have expected teeth to look so perfect and natural. Amazing......." JR

June 19th 2019

"...... My dentist recommended Andrew..the treatment was explained step by step...very satisfied..."PW

May 15th 2019

".... All staff were friendly, my life long fear of dentists is a personal challenge that thankfully Kelvin Lodge helped to allay...Mr Greenwood was patient in his advice/instructions. All treatment / xrays etc were shown to me and explained fully. He was precise and covered the advantages and the complications fully., giving me time to reflect on any treatment and an invite me to return and discuss any fears etc. the experience was overall positive - special thanks to his team on the day of initial treatment who were kind, gentle and encouraging (I was exceedingly nervous). This was my first experience of dental implants and NOT taken lightly. Given my experience I would be happy to place myself in the professional hands of Mr Greenwood and team, in whom I have complete faith. A miracle it has restored my self image......"IB

May 13th 2019

"...Following my research for the best possible dentist to install implants, I chose Andrew Greenwood. Every aspect of the process and risks etc., were covered by Andrew, allowing me to make a final decision to proceed. Although the treatment took months to complete, the appointments were scheduled for the requirements of each stage. Everything about the treatment was explained in great detail before and during each process. This helped me to relax as there were 'no surprises' during surgery. Love my teeth!  The reason why I invested in this procedure was due to the instability with a constant loose front crown and difficulty with eating, and no back teeth. Now I feel as though the 3 implants are part of my own teeth and although careful, I can now enjoy eating most foods in comfort! I will always recommend Andrew and his team for implants. For his expertise, advice and kindness during the process......" PG




April 23rd 2019

" Service was excellent..The explanations given were thorough and clear to me. I felt very reassured throughout. The process was seamless....the experience of having dental implants was less traumatic than I anticipated. Well worth it...I can't think of any aspect that could be improved. Thanks to everyone...."NM

February 28th 2019

".....the experience of having implants was absolutely fine...and a big improvement to how my teeth look....." MA

February 25th 2019

"..... Dr Andrew Greenwood was recommended to me by one of my friends, the gentleman in question couldn't praise the work he had done enough along with the praise for Dr Greenwood, his team and the practice. I am so happy with the outcome of my treatment. I can now smile and laugh without worrying about not having to hide the fact of missing teeth. I was expecting a lot of pain and discomfort when in fact I experienced neither. I couldn't believe that I had no swelling. I would have no hesitation in recommending having implants. I am over the moon and family and friends cannot pick them out because they look so natural. I cannot thank Dr Greenwood and his team enough...." SJ

February 13th 2019

".... I was recommended by my own dentist. Love my new teeth and smile x thank you all. Everyone at the practice was very helpful...."AC

February 7th 2019

".... my teeth look much better - a gap has been filled and implant looks like my natural teeth. As expected - a high standard of care and treatment...." RP

January 8th 2019

"...Andrew has been my dentist for many years and I trust far so good - looks good and functions very well..." BW

January 2nd 2019

" ...Recommended by my own Dentist...Very good - excellent........." AB

January 2nd 2019

"....Very efficiently was much easier than I thought, no pain ,no discomfort..I think the whole process was very well carried out..."  SH

 December 12th 2018

"... The whole practice and in particular the team who supported Andrew were efficient, kind. Oral and written explanations were provided, images were well explained and every hazard was minimised, I had absolute confidence in Andrew's work. It was without doubt, the best money I have spent in some years... Completely satisfied. PS...I adored the cup of tea provided on the day of surgery, it was just what I wanted..." TA

November 26th 2018

" ...I can eat again!..." EA

 November 7th 2018

".....Very well explained verbally and in supporting documentation. The process was extremely professional. I was confident from the outset that I would receive the highest standard of treatment. I felt I was in the safest hands throughout. Extremely pleased - infinitely better than the alternative!... Keep up the good work...." EG 

November 7th 2018

"... Dr. Greenwood was extremely clear with his plan of action, he was very informative and calming and friendly. Every step of the process was explained and all steps were highlighted with models of the implant and 3D graphics etc.. I decided to go ahead as his confidence helped to overcome any initial worries etc.. I was a little apprehensive on my first visit but everyone was so nice and everything clearly explained so my worries vanished..i found it emotional looking at my new teeth, I still have to keep looking at them as I am so pleased with the finished result. It's early day's but I feel so much happier, confident knowing that I can smile/eat/talk etc without having to hide or cover my mouth (an amazing result) Feel rather proud of them. The colour match team were amazing too! An amazing eye for detail and I am so pleased with the match, really natural finish and an excellent fit...." MS

October 22nd 2018

"..... Very thoroughly explained...The implant looks like a normal tooth - matches existing teeth very well. I am very pleased with the outcome...." KT

October 16th 2018

".....First visit was excellent, friendly and informative.The process was much better than I expected, and always fully explained...They look amazing...Very happy with process and outcome. In my opinion could not be improved...."IR

 September 25th 2018

".......I am pleased with the way my new teeth look now, the shape and colouring is correct and natural. Family and friends have complimented the result....The visual appearance is excellent. I now feel more confident about myself and with company. I am quickly becoming used to the feeling of the implant in place..... The staff are friendly and professional, the environment is relaxed. I am very satisfied with my treatment. Thank you......"AP

September 24th 2018

"....Completely less traumatic experience than expected. Completely in good hands...Much happier with the way my teeth look...100% no issues in any aspect of treatment...."JB

September 24th 2018

"......I am a longstanding patient of 40years. I was apprehensive about having implants as I have a great problem with " gagging" The procedure was easier than I anticipated, this was because Mr Greenwood gave me breaks throughout the procedure and kept me well informed at each step. At no time did I feel any pain, Mr Greenwood and his dental nurse showed patience and understanding. Very pleased with the look....." MA 

August 15th 2018

H".... Andrew came highly recommended from my dentist. My experience of having an implant was a positive one. Andrew fully explained each step this made the procedure more manageable. The dental nurse supported me, reassuring me and making me feel comfortable. They worked really well as a team together. FABULOUS!! so please  with final result giving me my smile back It was better than I had expected, perfect teeth, great smile. I would recommend implant treatment most definately....." KU 

July 30th 2018

".......I was amazed by the technology involved. It was a long process due to the extent of the work required, however not as invasive as I had imagined it would be. Andrew and his team took alot of time and effort as extensive work was required - virtually building my new teeth from nothing at all. I love them! they look very natural - everyone listned to the fact that I didn't want "perfect teeth" and they definately have given me back my smile.....without hesitation the standard of work is absolutely amazing! Plus an excellent and friendly team...." HD

July 9th 2018

"..... A long process from having a tooth extracted to final appointment but worth the wait. Very happy with the look of my teeth....."NK

June 5th 2018

"...Andrew has been my dentist for over 20 years and his pro-active approach to continuing and developing his dental education has reinforced my confidence with him. The team are always very helpful. Very clear and concise about exactly what the process was before and after. Andrew was happy to answer any questions that I had made and felt at ease about my treatment. I have more confidence and feel my smile has improved. I would 100% recommend the team to anybody. I was very impressed with the whole team and the standard of the treatment process from start to finish was excellent....."KD

 May 5th 2018

".....Detailed, informative with examples of implant techniques helps take away the uncertainties one has with a first implant. Surprisingly low key. telling me the implant itself would be done within 6 minutes was a great  help. I had thought it would take 30 minutes - so the process in actual fact was almost over as soon as it had started, no pain,no discomfort- unbelievably straight forward from a patients point of view. First class....."PG

May 17th 2018

"..... I was referred by my dentist. I was seen very quickly and was more than satisfied. The treatment was fantastic. Process explained explicitly. Long experience but worth it. My teeth look great. Everyone was lovely. So happy with the outcome of my treatment. Very impressed with everything. Dr. Greenwood and his staff......"HG

 May 1st 2018

".....Everything was clearly explained and staff were friendly and efficient. All went to plan - it was easy to arrange or re-arrange. Waiting areas etc were comfortable and well supplied with reading material. It was a long process, but I expected that. Having a dodgy tooth for years, I am delighted with the outcome, the implant looks good and has had an immediate and positive impact on day to day functions like eating... or smiling! I was very happy with the treatment overall....."CP

 April 24th 2018

"......Andrew was recommended by a friend. You were great arranging my appointments to ensure my treatment was completed in time for my daughter's wedding. My teeth look great! I would recommend anyone to have it done...."VA

February 8th 2018

"The tooth looks like it's always been there, and more importantly, feels like it..." SL

 January 17th 2018

"......Recommended by my own dentist. Much less traumatic than expected. Very pleased with my teeth. I expected to have to treat the implant with extreme care. Instead it was almost like a normal tooth at the outset with no pain or discomfort. Very professional, Many thanks!....JT

 December 12th 2017

".....Recommended by my normal dentist. Arrangements were just fine. The e-mail reminders were particularly useful. The treatment explanations were very thorough. It was a long process but clear explanations were given as to why this was necessary. I think my teeth now look superb. The treatment was worth every penny! I can now chew and bite properly, so I am highly delighted with the results of the treatment. The treatment was carried out in a very professional and competent manner. The computer aided work was particularly remarkable and extraordinary to see what can be achieved by precision activities. Is there anything you can improve upon? - not really. I received outstanding treatment for which I am extremely grateful......" JO

November 13th 2017

".....I've been a patient for many years and had the knowledge of Andrew's excellent explanations. The teeth look fantastic - Just Great! Nobody would notice the difference between the natural and the implant - super engineering! The outcome of the treatment is very satisfactory. Team A - Very experienced including well trained staff of Susan and Stephanie. Well done - The Girls -. I would recommend 'The Implant Foundation' 100% for superb treatment...." VF

 November 9th 2017

"....Very pleased. Given my confidence back to lead my normal life to the full. Great! Thank you so much...." RM

 November 8th 2017

".....I looked online for Andrew. Effort was made to fit appointments around my working hours. Treatment was all explained perfectly, I understood everything that was taking place. No pain and quick recovery time. I love my teeth...Everyone is really nice and welcoming...."MB

 November 7th 2017

".....All parts of the process were fully explained in detail. I found the process was not rushed. Plenty time for healing. Every step of the treatment was explained. I am very happy with the result. Nice friendly staff. Andrew is a real nice guy who can relax your nerves before treatment....."RB

 November 6th 2017

".... Excellent organisation, sufficient flexibility in appointment dates and times to allow consistency with my busy working days. Thorough explanations, to the depth adequate for a specific patient. The use of imaging software makes the explanation especially clear. Fantastic!!...."AS

 October 23rd 2017

"... Andrew was recommended to me by my dentist. My first visit went very well. I was given good advice to enable me to move forward with my treatment. All appointments were made in advance for times that were suitable for me. I had no discomfort. My teeth look very natural...could not ask for a better outcome. 100% would recommend for implant treatment... Andrew is very tactful and a good communicator. Thank you...." EO

 October 18th 2017

" .....Very thorough and well explained...happy to answer my questions and address my concerns. All stages were quick and relatively comfortable. Teeth look great. So much more confident......" LR

September 13th 2017

"......I was nervous throughout because I didn't know if the graft would take or what the eventual outcome may be. However, I trusted Andrew, who explained patiently and with aids, computer graphics and photos. My questions and concerns were listened to. Answers were provided and reassurance offered.... Very much felt I was in safe hands and benefited from reassurance every step of the way.... Thanks to Andrew and his team...." MP

September 11th 2017

"... Clear information, direct to the point... Awesome! delighted..." GL

July 20th 2017

".....Andrew was recommended to me by my dentist, when I met him I was impressed by his clear, unequivocal approach to the implant procedure... I felt informed and relatively confident about going ahead on the basis of what  I saw and heard at the expected the appointments were a straight forward matter and the purpose of each appointment was explained to me both at the previous appointment and at the beginning of each particular appointment -including the timescale of appointments.....I really appreciated in particular, the way in which Susan spent time, outside of the main appointment and before the major treatment to take me step by step through what would happen, the detail was very helpful and I was reassured and felt less anxious...By the time I came to have the implant operation, I felt on the basis of what I had experienced so far, that I was in good hands and could trust Andrew and his team, absolutely, to do a very professional job. Andrew's skill, experience and competence was tangible and the informative and sympathetic approach throughout was admirable....Delighted! with the way my teeth look and so pleased to get rid of that uncomfortable palate! I feel like a new women!....they are comfortable and seem strong enough to cope with reasonably robust eating habits. From a cosmetic and strength point of view great!......." MB

July 18th 2017

"......Pleasant and all went very well and smoothly... Great very pleased...Very happy..." EC


May 30th 2017

".....The treatment was explained very well and the process itself efficient...The experience was good and painless..The tooth looks natural and fitted without any discomfort. My teeth now look better..I  am extremely satisfied with the outcome of treatment....."AD

May 9th 2017

".....The Practice was recommended by my Dentist.. Treatment explained thoroughly, detailed plan and information provided. The process was straightforward and minimal discomfort.. Overall excellent, it does however take some time for the process. Great! I can use the right side of my mouth for eating which I couldn't before... Outcome as good as , if not better than expected. Very pleased with the result......" IT

May 2nd 2017

" .....My own Dentist referred me...Everything explained very clearly.. The implant feels good - no palate!...I am pleased with the outcome- it has allowed me to get back to playing my cornet to the level I want... My experience is one of complete professionalism in a happy, comfortable enviroment...."JB

April 27th 2017

"...... Dr. Greenwood has been my Dentist for many years. It was a natural choice for him to carry out my dental implant. I was given all the information I needed to make the decision to go ahead with the implant. I never felt rushed or pressured in anyway. It was fully explained- from the scan I would need, through to the finished result. Once I had decided to go ahead with the procedure, all my appointments were arranged and booked up so I could prepare both mentally and financially. Very well organised. Susan was extremely helpful and ready to answer queries.Dr. Greenwood fully explained the treatment both before the work started and then during treatment. He talked through everything he was going to do so there wer no surprises. I felt very reassured. I would be lying if I said it was totally without a little bit of pain/discomfort. But I had been forewarned of this and therefore knew it was a normal part of the treatment. It was short lived and soon forgotten. I am delighted with my implant and had under-estimated how much my confidence had been affected with me losing a tooth. I am now back to my old self!...I am delighted with the outcome . I already feel more confident. Dr. Greenwood is a true professional ,I can't rate him more highly, and his whole team. Thank you....."MB


April 17th 2017

".....I am really pleased with the Dental Implants and would recommend Dr. Andrew Greenwood. The staff and nurses at the Practice were always helpful and the appointments well organised. Before surgery the process was explained to me and everything went well. I Chose Dr. Andrew Greenwood for dental implants because I have had successful dental treatment at the surgery for several years. Free off street parking close to the surgery entrance is good especially when the weather is cold and wet......"JT

April 13th 2017

"....... Andrew was very highly recommended by my own Dentist. I felt everything was discussed clearly at each stage so I knew what to expect. The computer images were great at showing me how the process was going to take shape. I did feel very apprehensive about it at the start but knew it was something I needed to do. The procedures were carried out very efficiently and skilfully with no pain during or afterwards. There is obviously a little discomfort but that has been well worth it. Amazing! the implant feels and looks natural. I feel as though I have got my mouth back. I am very pleased with the outcome of my treatment. You did a fantastic job......"LB

March 29th 2017

".....Referred by my Dentist. Very good precise appointments.The experience was very comfortable with and during the process. Very satisfied with the result.. Very impressed with the explanations given and the treatment - including the Staff, Nurses etc,....."

December 19th 2016

"....... The process involved a lot of appointments over many months but each are was/felt like a positive step towards the final desirable outcome of a functioning tooth..."RE

December 19th 2016

".......Arranging a group of appointments at each stage helped me to see the beginning and end of each part of the process. Every stage was explained clearly and I was given time to ask questions or come back at a later date and clarify any points. I always felt I was in the hands of a very caring and professional team. Very happy. The new tooth looks and feels like it has been in my mouth forever!......."AM

December 5th 2016

"...... Painless.. I'm very happy with the outcome.A perfect fit. A proficient process from start to finish......" AJ 


November 28th 2016

"..... Very helpful and accommodating as my work makes it difficult to have daytime appointments.... Everything was explained very clearly and was easy to follow.. Delighted.." FF

November 8th 2016

"........First class all along the teeth look great......." PH

October 6th 2016

"........Could not have been better.. Mr Greenwood took time to fully explain the implant process and also the overall length of time to complete. At every stage of treatment I was updated fully...The new teeth feel and look super!......"PM

October 5th 2016

".......Everything was explained thoroughly and shown with diagrams and actual models so nothing was unexpected. I was a bit fearful initially but the whole procedure was considerably better than I could have hoped for. No pain only gain! Mr Greenwood made a complicated procedure seem simple- a measure of his skill, precision and expertise! I feel he is very thoughtful and attentive to his patients and puts them at ease. All the staff involved are friendly and polite - I couldn't fault any aspect.. Delighted! Thankyou! ....." PA

October 3rd 2016

"....... Excellent , all appointments arranged well in advance and very organised...Delighted incredible match to natural teeth..... "JB

September 29th 2016

"...... Everything was explained fully. It was no worse than any other dental procedure. I am very pleased with the finished result..Completely satisfied......"ND

September 27th 2016

"...... Mr  Greenwood explained everything as he was doing the surgery. Not what I was expecting, it was pain free, straight forward. Better then I expected.. I am now very happy with my teeth and can eat and not have to worry about my tooth coming out....... "JL

September 26th 2016

".....The procedure was discussed at an ideal level with excellent graphics and samples of implants. Overall the procedure went very well. Initially I was  a bit apprehensive when it came to fitting the implants, but everything went very smoothly. During the whole procedure I felt very relaxed......."DM

September 15th 2016

".....I was referred by my dentist.. Andrew and Susan explained everything clearly and welcomed questions; which were always answered, and in non-technical language , but without me feeling patronised...Andrew Greenwood is brilliant at giving injections not a mean feat!...He succeeded in what we set out to do- enable me to eat ..I am happy with the work done and will return for further implants as my remaining teeth deteriorate...." JC

September 6th 2016

".....Excellent service overall...perfect solution..." JB

August 11th 2016

".....Good recommendations..very good, well organised, professional....." PA

August 11th 2016

"........Every step was clearly explained and the treatment received was excellent. Dr Greenwood made this much better than I had anticipated and totally pain free - Thanks again Andrew. They are exactly as I requested. Excellent service.I am more than impressed. 10/10....."TM

July 19th 2016

".......The  treatment was very clearly and precisley explained. Process was very smooth. PAIN AND FEAR FREE, FELT CONFIDENT AT ALL TIMES. Delighted with the way my teeth look.... my wife is now having an implant......"EM

July 6th 2016

"......I am very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Kelvin Lodge the treatment and care was very professional. Explanations were very clear with the staff taking the time to explain in laymen terms. The supporting staff were exemplary. A painless process, a little longer than expected but certainly worthwhile. More than happy - Thank-you Kelvin Lodge........"RN

June 27th 2016

".........Excellent, professional skilled work! was impressed by this......"CR

June 27th 2016

"........The treatment process was explained in great detail. The process and next stages were explained at every visit, I felt I was in the best hands at all stages and that my welfare was of importance. The expertise and professionalism of the team ensured my confidence that the process would result in a satisfactory outcome, efforts were made to ensure that I was relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. The best thing I can say is "They look like my teeth before my problems" I am extremely pleased....." MB

June 15th 2016

"....... Recommendation from my NHS dentist. Arranging appointments and organising treatment was very efficient, especially via text messages. I was grateful for early morning and evening appointments so as not to miss work. Everything was clearly explained. I am very pleased with the final results. I am no longer embarrassed to smile in public. Everything I experienced was first class......." JC

May 9th 2016

".......Amazing, I can't believe I went through all that treatment with no pain...I'm over the moon, I have my smile back..I didn't expect them to be so perfect..I am delighted with the outcome.... I would definately recommend Andrew Greenwood for implant treatment, the whole experience was a good balance of professional but friendly...PY

April 13th 2016

"...... My treatment was explained step by step, also given written information regarding the process and aftercare. The process was long but the outcome well worth it. Andrew and staff really put me at ease. So pleased I decided to go with implants and that I can smile again with confidence. Excellent....." SD

April 13th 2016

"....... All my appointments were made to suit my needs and lifestyle which was very good. I thought it would be a bit painfull and uncomfortable, but it was nothing like that, it was fine. I am glad I chose Andrew Greenwood and ' I am' pleased with the outcome and also the staff 'nurses' are great...." MF

March 3rd 2016

"..... Everything was explained in simple terms throughout the process. It was not painful or unpleasant. I smile better! and they blend in with my existing teeth which of course is very important. A very professional job as I expected. The whole experience was very pleasant. There was no discomfort and I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew Greenwood to anyone concerning implants...."AC


February  12th 2016

".......Perfect. My new tooth is perfect, I don't notice it at all.. I can't believe how painless and efficient the whole process was..." HW

February 11th 2016

".....  Delighted, not only is it good to have the gap filled also it looks good and feels just like any other tooth. Everythingwas just perfect , Dr. Greenwood has a wonderful skill and his whole team are friendly, welcoming and professional. A successful outcome, no problems at all and very pleased with the result. Many thanks to all concerned...... " BS

February 2nd 2016

"....... Andrew was recommended by my husband who has always been pleased with his treatment...The process and treatment was explained comprehensively both at the beginning before treatment began and any questions were answered as and when throughout the treatment. Although the whole process appeared long, I felt it needed all the stages in order to get the right outcome..I'm very pleased with the way my teeth look now. I feel more confident about my smile..The outcome was exactly as I had wished and I'm now thinking of other treatment I could benefit from in the future. Andrew and his team were courteous and professional throughout all stages of the treatment......"LH 

January 27th 2016

"...... When looking to have the implant treatment I wanted a dentist with the experience to be able to advise me on the best options to suit my needs. Dr Greenwood came highly recommended with a great deal of experience and knowledge on the treatment... The team were very accommodating. The appointments were scheduled in to best fit my available time...The details about the treatment was very clear so that I knew what to expect at each stage. During the process Dr. Greenwood would talk me through what to expect so that nothing was a shock. This helped me to stay calm and relaxed throughout the treatment...Overall I have to say surprisingly painless. I really thought I would experience some level of discomfort and infact this was never the case. I would definitely recommend for treatment... I am delighted with the results.I feel more confident... The team as a whole were fantastic and I can't thank them enough......" AC

January 15th 2016

".........I had another implant procedure carried out by mr.Greenwood and I was very happy with the level of service provided.  I was very pleased with the outcome .. First class I would reccommend Mr Greenwood......." RH

January 11th 2016

".........The treatment was fully explained to me beforehand therefore no surprises... Totally painless, no bruising swelling or pain. I can smile confidently! Brilliant......."DC

January 11th 2016

".... Recommended by my dentist...Very efficient...Very pleased......."MC

January 11th 2016

".........10 out of 10. It could not have been better everything was as you said it would be, you kept me informed every step of the way...Better experience than I had expected NO pain at all...I feel alot more confident in talking to people, not afraid to laugh or smile. All staff friendly and put me at ease......" EC


December 22nd 2015

"..........All appointments and treatment well organised. Mr Greenwood is definitely an expert in this process. Thrilled to bits....... "AM

December 21st 2015

".........I was referred to Andrew through my own dentist. Treatment was explained in a thoroughly professional and friendly way, detailing every step of the process. I was nervous of having dental implants, but my own personal experience was a pain free process...My implants look as though they have been there forever, i'm absolutely delighted. A professional,friendly and 1st class service. WELL DONE !!!......."MW

December 21st 2015

"........Good clear explanation...Over all very pleased with final result........" KH

December 7th 2015

"........It was made clear to me what was involved in the treatment. The experience of having dental implants was much better than I had expected and painless. The tooth looks and feels perfect. I am completely satisfied...."KW

November 30th 2015

"........ I would say the best treatment I've ever received. All in all I'm very happy...Clean,polite,good information,very pleased with everything..I didn't receive any pain or discomfort and would have no hesitation in having more treatment with you...."  MG

November 3rd 2015

"....... I have just recently finished my treatment for replacing a bridge and two implants. I have to say I'm extremely pleased with the results and wish I'd had it done earlier. The staff were polite,calming and very professional throughout the whole experience. From the minute you meet Andrew you know you're in good hands because his knowledge and experience is immediately evident. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone that's in need of treatment for implants. Large, well maintained clinic set in a beautiful building within central Gosforth and plenty parking is a bonus! Going to the dentist is not something that people generally look forward to so having treatment within nice surroundings makes it just that bit more pleasant! The staff throughout all areas of the practice are courteous and professional.....LH

 November  2nd 2015

"......Treatment was clearly explained and the whole process ran very smoothly. I was impressed by the level of skill and expertise. I was made to feel at ease and each stage was explainedclearly. Each stage of the treatment was done with precision and proved painless. My implant looks wonderful and blends in very well with my crowns and teeth. It has given my confidence a boost. Well done to the team! Excellent! Andrew and his team did a fantastic job...." KH

October 19th 2015

"......Explanations were all very thorough and detailed. The experience of having dental implants was first class and problem free. Great care was exercised to ensure that the possibility of infection was kept to a minimum... I am delighted with the outcome......" IR

September 8th 2015

".........Painless and straight forward.....performed with your customary efficiency. Thanks........"RM

August 3rd 2015

".......I chose the practice on a personal recomendation...I found the information both sufficient and encouraging. Andrew took the time to explain the treatment, answer my questions and allay my concerns. His manner and care of me were superb and technically he is the best dentist I have ever had (at the age of 65!). Overall, I developed great confidence in his ability to give me the best possible solutions as well as manage any difficulties that might have arisen. As it happens, part of the pre-implant work involved a very difficult extraction. Andrew did this magnificently!... I also learned a lot from the hygienists and only wished I had such advice when I was much younger...Remarkably hassle and pain free... I guess this was mostly down to Andrew's painstaking and accurate preparation/planning...Very pleased more to the point, I have regained an effective bite on both sides of my mouth...I felt engaged and cared for throughout the process. I really enjoyed and of course learnt from viewing and discussing the x-rays of my mouth and the subsequent planning for the implants. The software that Andrew uses is dramatic and clear....."MB

July 27th 2015

".......Efficient and professional...Detailed and thorough information and explanation given at every stage. I liked that alot!...the treatment was pain free - no swelling or bleeding... I am absolutely delighted - they look so natural I am surprised at how much more confident and happier I feel without a huge gap in my mouth. I haven't stopped smiling since they were fitted!..the final result is amazing -  no discomfort at all. I would definitely consider it again if I needed to...Unreservedly!! you were brilliant...full marks - I have no complaints about the treatment at all... Job well done.. Thank you all so much...."JP

July 16th 2015

".......Staff were very helpful and courteous. A long term medical condition meant I had to delay and amend numerous appointments.... At no time was I meant to feel it was a problem... My treatment schedule was managed around my illness and I am very grateful for your patience....My teeth look so natural I can barely believe it. I was very self conscious about my teeth and now I smile much more and don't feel I have to cover my mouth now!!!.....It has made a huge difference to my oral health and self- confidence......" MT

July 7th 2015

".....Very pleased - the implant tooth matches my other tooth perfectly! ..Extremely pleased...As a team you all worked extremely well...Cannot think of anything where by you could improve- well done..."GH

June 30th 2015

"....Everything was explained well and I felt comfortable during the visit. Pain free, no problems. I could thoroughly recommend having dental implants. Really pleased with the result. Excellent...."JD

June 24th 2015

"... One word EXCELLENT.... Highly recommend Andrew to anyone young or old....."AC

June 16th 2015

"......... Excellent.....Very happy with the result......."JD

April 28th 2015

".......Treatment was fully and extensively explained as I am a nervous patient I didn't feel rushed into anything...As I am a nervous patient I found it quite difficult at times but it was handled so well I certainly haven't been put off having dental treatment..... If I required more implants I would certainly do this again...  I am much happier that I can chew food properly and not as limited as previously......"CC

April 22nd 2015

".... Andrew has been my dentist for years, he always makes me feel confident with his advice and care. Never had a complaint. Susan was fab, nothing too much trouble and no hitches at all. 100% successful teeth always look 100 times better after a visit...  I would recommend for implant treatment..." JT

March 31st 2015

"....Andrew is my regular dentist and have great confidence in his abiltiy to do excellant work. He always explained things in detail and put me at ease....very happy with the final result......can now chew much better and the new tooth looks wonderful....." MM

March 23rd 2015

"......I love my new implant!! I could never have done without it and it could not have been any better done! I have already recommended Dr Greenwood for implant treatment and for dental treatment in general as I am always delighted with the treatment I receive. I am one very happy patient....." HT

February 3rd 2015

"..... Excellent, very little after pain and quite comfortable during the operation. My teeth look much better.Very successful..without doubt I would recommend...thanks very much...." JB 

January 27th 2015

''.....My anxieties about the procedure were quickly dispelled when the surgery started.... everyone in the team was very pleasant and all stages great care was taken with a lot of attention to detail to ensure accuracy of fitting....the implants and bridge are very comfortable and I feel they are now part of my mouth, rather than a foreign object.Contrast this with the constant slipping of the upper denture.

The new teeth look excellent, and I have been showing them off on a regular basis! many people have commented I look ten years younger!...'' RB

January 13th 2015

".....I am very pleased with my implant and would not hesitate to have the procedure again.The fact that I have every intention of returning to have my other front crown replaced with an implant by Dr. Greenwood probably says it all....."EL

January 3rd 2015

"....Appointments and organising of appointments - very efficient. My teeth look excellent. Very happy and more confident. Mr G explained how implants will help in the future re my existing teeth. Very satisfied......"PS

December 31st 2014

"..... Pre-consultation session was very informative and realistic. Mr Greenwood was very helpful, he used plain language, and was realistic about outcomes - enabling me to ask any relevant questions. He also shared an equal commitment to a successful outcome which was welcomed. The experience was simple - although the procedure is surgery I was consulted throughout and felt my comfort was the utmost imprtance. All the team were helpful and caring. As a young woman I worried about having false teeth  but my implants are fabulous. I can eat everyday foods too, meaning they do not obstruct my life, they have helped me gain confidence. The outcome of my treatment is a success. The teeth look lovely, they function as natural teeth and overall I am very happy I chose to have this work done. An excellent service, delivered with expertise and customer care at the top of their approach towards acheiving a first class service and overall customer satisfaction. Thank you........." DY

December 29th 2014

".....I was referred by my NHS dentist. I am very happy with my implant and the treatment I received. I was informed of every procedure which made me feel relaxed and confident throughout. Excellent treatment from start to finish . All the staff were friendly, yet professional ensuring you have all the information needed and understanding of your treatment. I am very happy with my implant and considering more......" JP

December 16th 2014

"....Very happy to proceed following intial free consultation. Very efficient service. Very satisfied with the way my teeth look.... my experience was all positive...." PS

December 2nd 2014

"......Andrew did an implant for me a few years ago which has been very succesful. I now have a further two implants which look and feel good. The whole treatment went smoothly with each stage explained. All staff encountered were polite,professional yet friendly and welcoming......" KD

November 24th 2014

".....I am very happy with my implant and the treatment I received. I was informed of every procedure which made me feel relaxed and confident throughout. Excellent treatment from start to finish. All the staff friendly,yet very professional ensuring you have all the information needed..... " JP

October 14th 2014

".... Hassle free - lovely friendly helpful receptionists a welcoming atmosphere. ....I would highly recommend you for implant treatment........" PF

October 9th 2014

"....I was recommended by my dentist. The experience of having dental implants was "A DODDLE" - I was worried about the whole procedure.I had absolutely no pain which astounded me..... I sailed through the whole procedure....I am thrilled with my implants...I love my teeth. I regained my confidence and started smiling again. I found all staff were caring and understanding. They all went to great lengths to calm me and put me at ease. Andrew, Susan and Sarah were just fabulous.. Very lucky to have such wonderful staff - because it matters! Thank-you......" KS

August 27th 2014

".... The treatment was explained very clearly. The implant tooth looks the same as the other teeth. I would recommend for implant treatment...." RR

July 7th 2014

"......Treatment fully explained before,during and after sessions... Totally painless,very relaxed surroundings and supportive team...most certainly would recommend....."VR

July 1st 2014

".....very pleased with the way my implant looks. To be honest the end result is much better than I expected. Appointments were arranged in good time and with flexibility. I would have no hesitiation in having another implant if needed. I would have no hesitation recommending Andrew Greenwood. He made a great job of my implant...." AS

June 25th,2014

"......the attention to detailed information, the dedication of the surgical team, the excellence of the hygiene standards and the confidence generated by the professional expertise of the consultant Dr. Greenwood...Many thanks for your kindness and for having provided me with a brand new tooth with which I am delighted........"MP

June 16th,2014

"....I am very happy with the result, it just looks natural which is exactly what I wanted. I would recommend you 100%. I was completely happy with the whole procedure from interview to completion and if I needed it done again you would be my first call...." GC

 May 29th, 2014

"..Andrew is a very accomplished dentist and I trust him to do a good job. I also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of his surgery.The explantion was very thorough.Everything went perfectly....."GL

May 21st, 2014

"I.... am absolutely delighted with the work you did for me last week. If someone at sometime ever stages a "Newcastle Natural - looking Gashers" contest, I  would definitely be a favourite to win. Thank you....." IB

May 14th, 2014

"..Many thanks to you and the team for carrying out the implant procedure and the extraction .... As you know  I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure - I didn't need to be, and I find myself looking forward to getting the new teeth fitted...." RB

May 13th, 2014

"..A massive thank you to you and your wonderful staff for taking so much care with me today. I was a little nervous and didn't really know what to expect but you all did your best to put me at ease. I have had no pain tonight and can't believe how great I feel. Please pass on my thanks to all the team, they are all wonderful and you are very lucky to have them! You are a true professional. Thanks again..." KS

February 11th, 2014

"....I was anxious and was made to feel well supported....I was very pleased with the high level of care. Thanks..."FC

January 9th, 2104

".....staff made every effort to meet my need to attend around work commitments..all the staff, down to the young assistant who held my hand during the implant operation, were very good at making me feel comfortable as well as confident in Mr Greenwood's skills...none of the process was in any way as frightening in reality as I had imagined. Dr Greenwood and Susan were very supportive and re-assuring which for me was the difference between going through with the procedure and chickening out!... I have no pain, the tooth looks natural as any of my own teeth... your process from start to finish has been extremely professional and exceptional standard, I find myself at loss to recommend improvement...." JB

December 4th, 2013

"....the treatment  met all requirements....would have another if required..." RP

August 27th, 2013

"... the process went ahead smoothly and the implant process completed as planned....9 months on it appears   integrated and provided an excellent service my thanks to Mr Greenwood and Susan..." PF

August 29th, 2013

"...a good job well done...." GN

August 5th, 2013

".... I was very impressed with both Mr Greenwood and Susan who explained everything as we went along...very pleased..."PB

May, 2013

"...excellent, your customer service is second to none. I felt I was treated professionally, courteously and as a valuable client with whom you would welcome repeat service. Attention to detail was excellent (I say this as a renowned perfectionist both at home and at work!). All the performance indicators were excellent - very clean and tidy rooms; competent and engaging staff; latest technology; sterile room preparation before implant surgery;etc... a major quality in life enhancement...keep up the good work to maintain your high standards....BMc

January 3rd, 2012

"..... I would like to thank you for all the work you invested in my errant front tooth...there were times when I wondered if I'd ever have an acceptable replacement tooth but your confidence never wavered and that inspired hope in me.. and now I am completely delighted with the result....the waiting was well worth every moment and your unfailing kindness helped to make it more bearable....I would wholeheartedly recommend you...."BM

November 28th, 2011

"...just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how delighted I am with my implant....." SW

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Andrew has been our dentist for over 20 years now. When we moved into the area we asked friends for recommendations and we have been very pleased, so far everything has been perfect.

Every time I have my check-up everything seems fine with it. Quite frankly, I have virtually forgotten that I have an implant. It's just like an ordinary tooth and it's caused me no trouble at all. 

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When you're going to have something like an implant done, it obviously pays to do a bit of research into the area, and what made Andrew really special for me, was that he is the person you can go to, to have the whole process done.

When you come to Andrew Greenwood he actually takes the time to make sure that you're comfortable, that you understand what he is doing, and that you understand exactly what you are going to get at the end of the process.


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