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Case Studies

Upper missing lateral replaced with implant retained crown - before and after.

Missing Upper lateral Implant retained crown replacing upper lateral
Before _Missing upper lateral After- Implant retained crown upper lateral


Implant retained crown replacing upper premolar.


Lost Upper Left Central which has now been replaced with an implant retained crown


Upper central incisors replaced with implant retained crowns

Missing upper central incisors Upper centrals implant retained crowns


Upper right canine gap replaced with implant retained crown.

Four unit implant retained bridge on two implants

Gap replaced with implant retained crown - lower left molar.

Upper and Lower implant retained bridges replacing anterior teeth.


Upper centrals missing. Gaps replaced with two implant retained crowns

3 missing teeth replaced with an Implant ( x 2) retained bridge. 

Missing upper right canine, replaced with implant retained crown.

Missing tooth Upper Right Canine Implant Retained Crown Upper Right lateral


Implant Retained Bridge Upper Left

This patient had a failing decidous tooth upper right two extracted. An Implant was immediately placed, abutment fitted and temporary crown placed all at the same appointment.
 Before Failing decidous tooth at upper right two position
Immediate placement of implant and temporary crown.

 This patient was missing three upper front  teeth. Two implants were placed and a three tooth bridge fitted.
Before Treatment After
Full upper implant retained denture with four implants.
Missing Upper Teeth Implant retained upper denture
Implant Retained Crowns Upper Left
Implant Retained Crowns

Implant retained crown

Upper right central missing upper right central
Before - Tooth missing at upper right leaving a gap. After -Tooth now replaced with implant and crown.


Implant Retained Upper Bridge

Before Treatment After Treatment


Implant retained bridge for six teeth
Before Treatment After Implant Placement


Single Tooth Replacement

This patient lost her upper right front incisor tooth. It was replaced with a single implant and tooth.



Before - Missing tooth upper premolar

 After - Gap replaced with implant.


All on Four Full Upper and Lower Implant Retained Dentures


Replacing upper canine with single implant


Upper Right Canine tooth missing

Abutment fitted to placed implant

Implant retained crown -  upper canine.

Implant retained crown replacing upper right canine

Implant retained crown at upper right central.

"..... Pre-consultation information was detailed and easy to understand. Appointments were arranged to suit my commitments and when they needed to be changed were done so with ease....

Missing Tooth CT scan
Gap replaced with Implant and crown upper central gap replaced with implant and crown


.....Andrew was clear, thorough and took time to answer any questions. I felt like a valued patient at every visit. Susan answered a couple of queries I had and sent appropriate paperwork......   ....The whole team were brilliant from beginning to end. They made me feel confident about the whole process, their relaxed and professional approach on the implant placement day was great......

..... I am delighted with the outcome of my treatment. The implant is a great improvement on the crown I had before. I am thrilled with the match, shape and look of my implant. Feel like smiling all the time......KB


Implant retained bridge upper left.


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Andrew has been our dentist for over 20 years now. When we moved into the area we asked friends for recommendations and we have been very pleased, so far everything has been perfect.

Every time I have my check-up everything seems fine with it. Quite frankly, I have virtually forgotten that I have an implant. It's just like an ordinary tooth and it's caused me no trouble at all. 

What he says...

When you're going to have something like an implant done, it obviously pays to do a bit of research into the area, and what made Andrew really special for me, was that he is the person you can go to, to have the whole process done.

When you come to Andrew Greenwood he actually takes the time to make sure that you're comfortable, that you understand what he is doing, and that you understand exactly what you are going to get at the end of the process.


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