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How Dental Implants Work

Placing implants is a relatively straightforward and painless procedure. It is usually carried out under simple local anaesthesia, although sedation may be an option.

The procedure usually takes around 60 minutes for a single implant. For most patients, a course of simple painkillers is sufficient to control any discomfort experienced afterwards, and just as with other dental treatment carried out under local anaesthetic, patients will be able to drive home afterwards.

What happens before your dental implant treatment?

Before treatment begins, we will need to complete an assessment which will include;

  • Dental  x-rays.
  • Photographs of the mouth.
  • Modelling of the proposed implant.

After this thorough assessment, we will provide you with;

  • A written summary of the treatment planning discussions.
  • An appraisal of your current dental situation and the options that you have.
  • An overview of the anticipated treatment stages, the timescale and how many implants are required.
  • What the fees are expected to be.

What happens after your treatment?

It is not usually necessary to take time off work after the actual implant placement, but strenuous activities should be avoided for the first couple of days.

Once the implant is placed, it is normally left to heal for several weeks. During this time you will be able to wear a temporary bridge or denture to keep up appearances.  After the implant has healed, an abutment (which connects the implant to the crown) is put into place and impressions are taken for the final crown, which is usually fitted around two weeks later.

The whole process, from initial assessment usually takes around four months to complete for a single implant and crown.

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What they say...

Andrew has been our dentist for over 20 years now. When we moved into the area we asked friends for recommendations and we have been very pleased, so far everything has been perfect.

Every time I have my check-up everything seems fine with it. Quite frankly, I have virtually forgotten that I have an implant. It's just like an ordinary tooth and it's caused me no trouble at all. 

What he says...

When you're going to have something like an implant done, it obviously pays to do a bit of research into the area, and what made Andrew really special for me, was that he is the person you can go to, to have the whole process done.

When you come to Andrew Greenwood he actually takes the time to make sure that you're comfortable, that you understand what he is doing, and that you understand exactly what you are going to get at the end of the process.


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