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Computer Guided Implants

With technological advancements in CT scanning, X-rays and digital dental technology we can now place implants using computer made surgical guides. These guides are so accurate that, in many cases, we can place your implants directly through the gums without making a surgical incision- no stitches and virtually no post-operative swelling or discomfort.

The Implant Foundation uses a Sirona XG3D CT scanner and Cerec Bluecam digital acquisition unit. By combining the data we can design, plan and place your implant using a computer created surgical guide.

Benefits at a glance 

  • Your new tooth dictates the position of the implant- not the other way around.
  • Your tooth is exactly where we wanted it to be- not where the surgeon could place it.
  • The outcome is predictable and guaranteed by using the surgical guide.
  • We can avoid important anatomical structures such as nerves.
  • The surgery is quicker and much less invasive with less post-operative swelling and discomfort.

The process. 

  1. Digital scanning of the prospective tooth site.

    Digital scan of prospective tooth site

    We use a Cerec Bluecam digital scanner to scan the gap and then design a replacement tooth to fill the gap.

    Cerec Bluecam Digital Scanner

  2. The digital scan data is then exported into a CT Scan X ray we have taken. The result is the new tooth appears within the scan exactly as we had planned. The benefit is the tooth dictates where the implant goes. This means your final tooth will be exactly as it was planned on the Cerec Bluecam (above).

    Surgical Guide from Sicat

    Surgical Guide

  3. A surgical guide is ordered from Sicat. The surgical guide is used to drill the hole to position the implant exactly where it was planned. 

    Surgical guide is used to drill hole to position the implant
Tooth X Ray Tooth X Ray of implant
X Ray of Tooth Implant


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What they say...

Andrew has been our dentist for over 20 years now. When we moved into the area we asked friends for recommendations and we have been very pleased, so far everything has been perfect.

Every time I have my check-up everything seems fine with it. Quite frankly, I have virtually forgotten that I have an implant. It's just like an ordinary tooth and it's caused me no trouble at all. 

What he says...

When you're going to have something like an implant done, it obviously pays to do a bit of research into the area, and what made Andrew really special for me, was that he is the person you can go to, to have the whole process done.

When you come to Andrew Greenwood he actually takes the time to make sure that you're comfortable, that you understand what he is doing, and that you understand exactly what you are going to get at the end of the process.


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